Proton therapy uses high-energy proton beam for cancer treatment. Its game changing efficacy in treating cancer has made it the pinnacle of radiation therapy in the world. Proton therapy has ushered in a new paradigm of clinical excellence and outcomes in cancer treatment. It provides targeted treatment and precision unlike any other radiation treatment.


Proton therapy is an advanced form of external radiation therapy that uses high-energy proton beams to target and attack tumours. These high-precision beams irradiate the tumour and destroy it by attacking the DNA of the cancer cells.

Proton therapy is one of the most advanced forms of radiation therapy in the world. It delivers a level of precision that is unmatched by any other form of treatment. While convention X-Rays are effective in penetrating the body, they deliver most of their dose before they reach the tumour. The resultant damage to surrounding healthy tissue is large and long-lasting. This has a great impact on the quality of life post-treatment.

Protons, on the other hand, deposit most of their energy at a precise focal point. The point where the delivery particles peak inside the body can be accurately set to cause maximum damage to the cancer cells and minimum tissue damage. This phenomenon, known as Braggs Peak, makes proton therapy, the most powerful and effective radiation treatment ever.

The Power of Proteus Plus

Apollo Proton Cancer Centre offers patients the most advanced multi-room Proton Beam Therapy. Powered by the trendsetting Proteus Plus, it matches the high performance of the most powerful Proton Beam centres in the world. PROTEUS®PLUS is an extremely advanced proton therapy solution with a wide range of cutting-edge features can be configured into tailor-made high precision solutions. PROTEUS®PLUS stands for the latest advances in precise, image-guided and intensity modulated proton beam delivery.

The PROTEUS®PLUS is fully loaded with innovation like Image-Guided Intensity ModuIated Proton Therapy (IMPT). IMPT lets radiation oncologists adjust the precision, depth and intensity of a proton beam to the peaks and valleys of complex tumours, while sparing nearby healthy tissue. PROTEUS®PLUS enables IMPT by combining the fine precision of the Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) delivery mode with the accuracy of 3D Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging and the adaptive capacity of In-room CT

Ambient Experience

Great design is not just about a product, it is about how it works and how empathetic it is towards the user. Our standards have always been uncompromising when it comes to patient experience, and so it is no surprise that the equipment we use at for our Proton Beam Therapy makes customer comfort and convenience a great priority. In partnership with Phillips, the world leaders in ambient lighting, our centre has the ground-breaking Ambient Experience.

Based on insights from proton patients, our equipment uses dynamic lighting, projection and sound to transform a cold, impersonal environment into one that is soothing and comfortable. The Ambient Experience not only has a positive impact on patients and staff, but has shown proven results in improving workflows and augmenting throughput.


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